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  • Dog Grooming Bristol BS4.

    This local dog grooming salon in Brislington is now open. We are happy to announce a full range of treatments including clippering, scissoring, hand stripping, nail trimming and more!

    Brislington is a lovely area for a dog to live with lots of nice dogs walks to enjoy and now with K9 QT's on your doorstep it just got even better.

    We are a small business that is proud to offer a personal service for you and your dog.

    Because they're woof it!

    Update: In the very near future we are also hoping to be able to offer a dog micro chipping service, Helping you keep what is important safe. Watch this space...

    Dog grooming salon basics!

    Here at K9 QT's we will pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to empathise with dogs.

    Read more.

  • Dog grooming in Bristol BS4.

    K9 QT's Dog grooming salon in Bristol, only exists because of our genuine love of dogs and we strive to set all of our canine customers tails a wagging. We always work with the best interest of the dog at heart and with that in mind we are more than happy to stray from a Open Quotetext bookClose Quote cut in favour of something more practical for the doggy , if so requested. We will NEVER do anything that we feel is detrimental to the well being of a dog.

    We have very persuasive methods of coaxing dogs and making their dog grooming experience pleasant and do not condone excessive force or forcing a furry friend to do something against their will for the sake of vanity. Should you require any special treatments like cleaning with flea shampoo, we will be happy to oblige, as with all our services.

    The charity we support.

    Not all dogs are as lucky as the ones that visit our dog grooming salon, with their nice owner/staff/PA fussing over them. We like to get involved and help raise money for local animal sanctuaries (Bristol area), that help take care of poorly/unwanted pets and find them a new, loving, forever home. Please help us and make a donation in the collection tin for Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. Or visit their Website for ways to get involved or to make a donation. We make and sell hand crafted doggy fridge magnets for £3 each. All of the money made from the magnets will be donated to charity.

    Dog Grooming Bristol
  • Dog grooming in Brislington, Salon Owner

    Bristol Dog Groomer, Clare


    She has always loved all animals, especially dogs. Having 'rescued' both of hers from the local dogs home, she has been passionate about them for many years and was even a volunteer dog walker for some time. Her career was, originally, to become a fully qualified Dental nurse and Practice manager. This she achieved, but was not fully satisfied. This is when she had a rethink about her career direction.

    It takes a special type of person to question her life, leave all that behind and start again. That said, she left her job and off she went to study, train and qualify in all aspects of dog grooming!

    The results of all her hard work can now be experienced by all dog owners in Bristol.

    She will welcome all new and old clients to this new dog grooming salon in Bristol.

  • Dog grooming Services.

    Our trained staff at K9QTs strive to make both you and your dog feel at ease upon arrival to ensure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed prior to the grooming process. If your dog has never experienced professional grooming before then we take special care to ensure that your pet is feeling relaxed and happy before we begin. We will discuss with you any medical and/or behavioral problems prior to grooming. This ensures that our staff are aware of any health conditions and also enables them to report back to you any physical changes which may require veterinary treatment. Before we start the grooming process we will discuss in detail what you require, taking into consideration your pets age, lifestyle, health and current skin and coat condition before agreeing on a final style and treatment.

    Read more.
  • Dog grooming Services. (Continued).

    Initially your dog will be groomed and styled to your pre-specified requirements. Our staff will then check your pets nails, clipping if necessary and dealing with any Matts (click link for more details). Your dogs ears and face are then cleansed and a general check for lumps and bumps is carried out. Your pet is then washed where he or she will receive a thorough wash with shampoo suited to your dogs coat, paying special attention to the feet and pads. Your pet is then rinsed and conditioned and a flea treatment will be applied if requested. The dogs coat is then gently blow-dried which leaves your pet feeling and looking in tip top condition at the end of the grooming session.

    We aim to make your dog a happy dog, as all dogs love a bit of TLC and activities which make them the centre of attention. We also aim to make you, the customer happy with the professional service that K9QTs provide.

    dog grooming Bristol
  • Our Prices are yet to be announced!

    Jack Russel short hair is one of the cheapest from £15
    Less work (smaller dog) = less time = cheaper.

    Old English Sheepdog is one of the dearest from £65
    More work (bigger dog, more unruly fur) = more time = more expensive.

    For a free quote

    Click Contact Us to contact us or send a text a message to 07716 880548.

  • Contact Us

    Clare Sealey
    88 Birchwood Road
    BS4 4QT
    Mobile: 07716 880548

    Our opening hours are: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm.
    If you require an appointment outside of these times then please contact us
    via phone/text or contact form.
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